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Aquarius & Aquarius

Aquarius Aquarius

 Aquarius Compatibility with Aquarius

Air and air, communication on a high level. Two lovable and intellectual science-geeks who invent and reinvent ways to better our planet and improve life for all it's inhabitants. This union is very protective and supportive of each other. They accomplish great social deeds and turn impossible humanitarian projects into reality. Conversations never lag, as there are so many new, exiting things and ideas for you to discuss, but you don't need words to speak, or even SMS. The Aquarius-Aquarius relationship happens to be one of the most in-sync of the zodiac, and you are able to telepathically send and receive messages to each other. This beautiful union goes above conscious reason and is a true manifestation of real love. If you are lucky enough to have an Aquarian partner, don't let them go.

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