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Aquarius & Pisces

Aquarius Pisces

 Aquarius Compatibility with Pisces

Air and water, altruism at it's finest. This kind and humanitarian combination works very well together. Both of you have many ideas about improving the world we live in, and Pisces has a real passion for helping others. Together, you will forge new paths towards peace and innovative ways to save time and energy. You are more techie than Pisces, and Pisces heart is always pointed in the direction of sacrificing for the greater good (or what they believe is the greater good). It will be up to you to call the shots on the projects you both wish to work on, because left in your Pisces giving hands, there will be no resources left to use on future projects. Stay patient with your partner, as their emotions can run deep. This is a promising combination that can feel magical for a lifetime.

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