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Aquarius & Scorpio

Aquarius Scorpio

 Aquarius Compatibility with Scorpio

Air and water, hold your breath before diving in. Both of your signs are dominant, with Scorpio more so, there will be struggles for the position of top dog. Scorpio is strong and far more stubborn. They will use what they must to win, and they usually do win. There's also the social aspect, you tend to be popular and Scorpio has more loner-type qualities and will make you their whole world. That is a huge responsibility for you. You may expect difficulties with their possessiveness as you really adore your freedom. Physically, this is an amazing union, but for the long term, you will have to give up so much of what you love, and learn to deal with your Scorpio's moodiness and anger. Remember to hold your breath, so you don't lose all of your air and drown in the murky waters.

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