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Cancer & Capricorn

Cancer Capricorn

 Cancer Compatibility with Capricorn

Earth and water, and in this case it can go either way. This is a very interesting combination because you will either complement one another or oppose each other. There is an equal chance either way. In many ways you are a perfect fit; Capricorn feels misunderstood by the world, and you are understanding, and can bring them great comfort. Both of you have the same attitudes concerning money, and Capricorn can certainly earn it. Neither of you are extroverts, and family is very important to you both. Jealousy most likely won't be an issue because Capricorn is very loyal. On the other hand, Capricorn is more of a realist and you can be a dreamer. You understand people intuitively and can see the good in them, even when you have to dig deep to find it; Capricorn can be more guarded and slower to trust. You will just adore Capricorn's quirky sense of humor, but will have difficulty understanding why they work so many hours, after all, you enjoy each other's company and would like to spend more time together. So, as you can see, this is a complicated union, but if you two can make it work, it's a powerful combination.

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