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Cancer & Leo

Cancer Leo

 Cancer Compatibility with Leo

Water and fire! Not the easiest combination to maintain. When things are good between you two, they can be great, but not all good things last. It will take an awful lot of effort from you to make this union work. Leo is ruled by the Sun and has a need to be the center of your universe. Your Leo's sophistication and over the top display of romance will definitely have you smitten with your lion-kitten. There is a love story about the Sun and the Moon; they are very much in love, but because the Sun and the Moon must remain on different sides of the earth, they cannot marry. But, there are times each month when they are closer together in the sky; during daylight, when the Moon is close to the Sun, you will see a crescent in the sky, that's him shining love beams upon her while she smiles back to her true love, the Sun. Cancer and Leo can be deeply in love, but in order to make this union last, one of you will have to spend more time in the realm of the other. You are more flexible and more giving; just don't lose yourself there.

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