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Cancer & Libra

Cancer Libra

 Cancer Compatibility with Libra

Water and air; Cancer and Libra. On many levels, this is nothing short of a very difficult relationship. You are mysterious, and your cheerful Libra may not always understand your darker moods; Libra is sensitive to your feelings though, so speak up when you feel hurt. If you choose instead to crawl into your shell, you will only build a wall between the two of you. While you love staying around the home, maybe cuddling on the sofa and watching a good movie, Libra is the Social Butterfly of the zodiac, and would find life around the house tiresome. Both of you love family, and this common ground is a great foundation for you to build on. To make a relationship with Libra work, you would have to let go of jealousies, because Libra hates any form of arguing, and scandalous displays make them run. This union works in the short term, but to make it last one of you would have to change dramatically; most likely, it will be you.

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