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Cancer & Sagittarius

Cancer Sagittarius

 Cancer Compatibility with Sagittarius

Water and fire... OUCH! Be careful you don't get burned. Sagittarius is a wanderer and Cancer has a very sensitive, nurturing, stay-at-home personality. People are drawn to your Sagittarius, and because you can be such a possessive crab, this could have you feeling like you may want to show your claws. It will be hard to pin down a Sagittarius, as they love to go from one adventure to another. The greatest difficulty though is that Sagittarius tends to be rather blunt, and does not have the depth of emotion that you do; they may not understand why their words can hurt you, and certainly not as much as they actually do. You are both so different, that in order to make this relationship work, your Sagittarius would have to settle down quite a bit, and learn to be more tactful when expressing themselves. It will be difficult for sure, but anything is possible. When the flames are extinguished, the water evaporates; just be careful.

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