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Cancer & Scorpio

Cancer Scorpio

 Cancer Compatibility with Scorpio

Water and water, Cancer and Scorpio are perfect together. Both of you are similar in many ways. You both are deeply sensitive and like your symbols, the crab and the scorpion, you two have tough outer shells. Each is happiest at home and since Scorpio is highly dominant, and you are more easy-going and nurturing, this relationship will flow smoothly. Another commonality is jealousy, you both have issues with it, but you understand each other so well that it won't cause a struggle, and actually that is the way you each define love, by possessiveness. Even though you know how deep emotions can run, it will still be a lot of work for you to lift Scorpio from the deep recesses of their insecurities. Scorpio prefers to hide inside the safety of it's shell; you do as well, at times. This sweet combination of sun signs is a real life love story with a happy, fairy tale ending... and they lived happily ever after.

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