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Capricorn & Leo

Capricorn Leo

 Capricorn Compatibility with Leo

Earth and fire, Lions devour Goats. If you've already made it through the initial stages of a relationship, then this union has a fairly good chance to last a long time. You may have to step down and allow your Lion to sit atop his throne, because pride can keep them from getting closer. Leo is much more dominant anyway, and won't tolerate power struggles; but it's all good because in charge, your lion will feel freer to dramatically display his love and affection for you, and Leo is super romantic! To keep things happy, be mindful of your words. If you feel a criticism coming on, bite your tongue as hard as possible. Leo makes a great partner provided you are willing to be led, and if you can remember to tell them just how wonderful they are... you'll have to do the worship thing often.

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