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Capricorn & Libra

Capricorn Libra

 Capricorn Compatibility with Libra

Earth and air, boredom with each other can set in early. There are lessons to be learned in this combination, mainly patience. You are pretty different in too many ways, but, if you're getting along, then your relationship can succeed. You are well-grounded, but your airy Libra, well, they usually have their head in the clouds. Structure, which is important to you is a four-letter-word to Libra: Y-A-W-N. Your Goddess is much too spontaneous to be held back by a schedule and can be pretty disorganized. If you can make this work, you will be a very positive influence in helping your Libra to become more responsible, and they in turn, will help you learn to relax and become more socially active.

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