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Leo & Aquarius

Leo Aquarius

 Leo Compatibility with Aquarius

Fire and air work usually well together, but this can get wonky. This is a love-at-first-sight attraction that can go either way, but rarely do they meet in the middle. It's never just an okay relationship, this union is either fantastically great or downright horrible. Aquarius tends to analyze and can be too critical for you. You love to hear good things about yourself, constantly. Your Aquarius can leave you with a bruised ego, at the least, and more likely, a strong feeling of rejection. If you can cope with this, then it's going to be super duper fantastic because Aquarius will give your your due as the leader and you will be fascinated with their brilliance of mind, and intrigued by their superb listening skills, for you do love to talk. Learn to meet each other in the middle and this could last a lifetime.

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