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Leo & Cancer

Leo Cancer

 Leo Compatibility with Cancer

The combination of fire and water can present some challenges. Cancer is a Moon Child, and you are of the Sun. There is a love story about the Sun and the Moon; they are very much in love, but because the Sun and the Moon must remain on different sides of the earth, they cannot marry. Sometimes at night, when the Moon is full like the heart, and she is deeply missing her true love, the Sun, the Moon will wear her halo. That's her way of telling Sun that she will always love him; and if you watch for it next time, you will notice that a storm follows this halo. These are the tears that flow for them from the Heavens. Cancer and Leo can be deeply in love, but in order to make this union last, one of you will have to spend more time in the realm of the other. You are very much the dominate one in this union and Cancer will follow your lead. It won't be easy, but if you can find a way to make this work, you'll have a very happy and comfortable home with a loving, devoted partner.

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