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Leo & Capricorn

Leo Capricorn

 Leo Compatibility with Capricorn

Fire and earth, King and Goat, hmmm. If this relationship can make it through the initial stages, it will have a fairly good chance at success. You are both dominant signs, and to make this union work, well, it's going to have to be a team effort. Capricorn is pretty prudent, and you love showy displays. You are dramatic and your Capricorn is reserved. Your strong personality is highly social and generous; but your Capricorn's is opposite. It's going to be difficult for you to feel excited in this relationship if your partner has difficulty expressing the worship you deserve as King, and gushing over you. Capricorn is highly passionate and sensual, but more reserved and less romantic than you. If you wish to make this union work, you would have to be patient and teach your Capricorn to be more expressive in their love feelings. Also, two dominate personalities tend to cause a lot of fireworks, it will be necessary to learn to work together. Capricorn's cutting criticisms can hurt, so learning to swallow your pride will be an important tactic for your relationship to survive in the long term. This great effort will require teamwork.

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