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Leo & Pisces

Leo Pisces

 Leo Compatibility with Pisces

Fire and water, extinguishable for sure. This is a difficult combination for so many reasons. You with your Lion-heart, and Pisces with their true heart of gold, you would think that it would be an easier union. You love dramatic displays of affection, and really everything, but Your Pisces is more quiet, laid-back and reserved. You may find their unselfish generosity overwhelming, because you enjoy the finer things in life and your Pisces prefers to give all theirs away, and yet you are both very generous. You are alike in most areas, but respond to everything differently, as in opposite. You each seem to have a difficult time trying to understand the other because of that. If you both really commit to making an effort to work on your communication skills with each other, you should have a good chance to make this work, and it's worth trying, because honestly, your Pisces will simply adore you.

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