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Leo & Sagittarius

Leo Sagittarius

 Leo Compatibility with Sagittarius

Two fires burning passionate love is The Great Adventure. This amazing union is exciting in every way. Both of you are fun-seeking adventurers and Sagittarius' energy will stimulate you in every way you can imagine. You are the best sign for converting the wandering Sagittarius into a committed relationship. You both love socializing and meeting new people, and together you gain a lot of popularity among many different cliques. Expect to attend the best parties and enjoy the best of everything. Most Leo-Sagittarius couples tend to travel extensively and opulently, as both love over-the-top decadence and being on the move. The only downfall with this combination would be the blunt, and somewhat tactless manner in which your super honest Sagittarius tends to speak. You can safely bet that they will always tell you the truth, no matter how harsh; the problem is that you want constant adoration and to be able to sit high on your throne, and some truths can make you feel inferior or insecure. You'd rather not hear it. Sagittarius people rarely aim to be the boss, or to lead in any way; they prefer to do their own thing and with as little responsibility as possible; you will be the one in charge. If you can place less importance on your pride, then this relationship holds a lot of promise and an unprecedented amount of fun and excitement.

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