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Leo & Scorpio

Leo Scorpio

 Leo Compatibility with Scorpio

Fire and water, good while it lasts. Relationships with Scorpio usually begin with instant intimacy. Your Scorpio is a passionate sign and you will enjoy fever pitch. You are one of the easiest signs to manipulate but that's only because you really, really love to be admired and praised. Scorpio will put you high on a pedestal, and this will suit you just nicely, however, Scorpio may have a hidden agenda for doing so. It will be a power struggle over whom will take on the role of leader, because both signs are dominant and although you may be more so, Scorpio's possessiveness and fight-to-the-death attitude during perceived competition will have even you stepping down at times. You both have very strong personalities that may clash, but this union does offer the drama you both crave. If you like the highs and lows, this is the one.

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