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Leo & Virgo

Leo Virgo

 Leo Compatibility with Virgo

Earth can suffocate fire. You are a strong sign, but Virgo's quest for perfection can sometimes put a razor-sharp edge on their criticisms, which you won't like at all. The problem is not that they think you are anything but perfect, because they do, it's because Virgo loves to pick apart things and analyze them to a fault, and this can grate on Leo's nerves. They tend to be pessimistic and can find problems where none exist. You want to be adored, and while Virgo does adore you, they have a hard time showing it. Virgos have a difficult time expressing their emotions, and sometimes come across as cold or aloof, but that's not how they feel inside. Your Virgo would be an excellent partner for you except for the fact that you need constant adoration and may tire of their less than dramatic nature.

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