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Libra & Aries

Libra Aries

 Libra Compatibility with Aries

Air feeds the fire. The beautiful Goddess Venus paired with Mars, the God of War, is a combination of opposites, and they complement each other perfectly. Aries is the dominant sign, but that's all right with you, because decision-making is not one of your strengths. It's love-at-first sight for Aries who is fascinated by the classical physical beauty and gentleness of Libra. You will find that Aries can be stubborn, but your ability to handle difficult situations with diplomacy, tact and grace will have your Warrior God wanting to please you. Aries is the most dominant, strongest male energy in the zodiac, and Libra is the strongest feminine energy, so although they are opposites, there are no power struggles, which Aries seems to face with many other sun signs. This union is truly harmonious, the beautiful love affair between God and Goddess.

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