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Libra & Capricorn

Libra Capricorn

 Libra Compatibility with Capricorn

Air and earth together will have you learning to be patient, if you can stand the boredom. You are much to active and fun-seeking, plus you adore fantasy; your Capricorn partner is very grounded and prefers to live in reality. Capricorn is hard-working; you are more interested in parties and social gatherings. Both of you are ambitious, but Capricorn is more so. You have little in common, but that's not the real issue. You may tire of the rigid structure that Capricorn needs to feel secure, and stable environments can become a bit too dull for you over the long haul. Things will move at a slow pace with an earth sign, and especially with a Capricorn, but you can expect a steady progression. This union is great for you in business, because Capricorn can organize your wildest ideas and bring your dreams to fruition. If you're willing to become a recluse, then love can succeed.

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