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Libra & Gemini

Libra Gemini

 Libra Compatibility with Gemini

Air and air, a fabulous pair! Gemini's intellectual wit will have you smitten; your charm and beauty will ensnare Gemini's heart! Gemini will love you just the way you are. You both prefer to be on-the-go and live a life of thrilling adventure with Gemini as the leader, as they are the dominant partner. Neither of you can stand staleness, boredom nor stagnation, and this union is much too fun and lively to ever become monotonous. Both of you adore fantasy and lovers' games. You can communicate intuitively, and you both love to talk, so your conversations will always remain interesting on a variety of subjects. Both of you are playful, social and optimistic. The union of Goddess and Twins is a soulmate combination, and one that is so beautiful that many others will envy you.

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