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Libra & Libra

Libra Libra

 Libra Compatibility with Libra

Air and air; the Goddesses have their heads in the clouds, and they are happy! Neither of you can make a decision, so it's amazing that one of you actually made a move to ask the other out. Libra needs someone to take charge and create some order in their lives, but neither of you are dominant, and since there is no one to lead, some things may become a little disorganized. Don't expect to accumulate wealth, as you both just adore pretty, shiny things and would much rather buy them than pay your electric bill; all those pretty, shiny things sparkle better by candlelight anyway, right? Try to hire a maid though, because it can be dangerous trying to navigate a messy home in the dark. This exciting union is fun, fun and more fun! You are both elegant and charming and will of course be very popular. You will attend all the best parties, eat at the most popular places and jet-set around the world. Libra-Libra unions are among the longest-lasting (perhaps because neither can make a decision), and astrologically, they are one of happiest couples.

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