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Libra & Taurus

Libra Taurus

 Libra Compatibility with Taurus

This combination of air and earth has a lot of physical excitement, but you should expect some difficulties. Neither of you want to be the decision-maker or leader, both of you would rather hand that job to someone else, but in this union of more submissive signs, there is no one to take on that role. Both of you enjoy the finer things in life, although you prefer to jet-set and Taurus prefers the home. You love to spend money, Taurus loves to save it, which would normally be a good combination, but since there are no real decision makers in the relationship, there can be a lot of arguing over finances, and Taurus can be very stubborn. This union would be a lot of work, and without some type of leadership, nothing will be accomplished. Also, Taurus will not approve of your flirtations, however innocent they may be. To keep this relationship for the long term will require that you both change some of your basic personality traits, and while that's difficult, it is possible.

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