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Pisces & Capricorn

Pisces Capricorn

 Pisces Compatibility with Capricorn

Air and earth, dreams come to life. You are imaginative, and with your Capricorn partner anything is possible. Dreams become reality when a roadmap to your destination has been drawn for you, and Capricorn is good at that. As a Goat, they climb up mountains and always reach their destination, slowly, but they make it to the top. With you two together as a team, it becomes extraordinary, because your sure-footed goat will keep you right on track to fulfilling your dreams (and your dreams are filled to the brim with ways to improve humanitarian causes and conditions). The combination of these signs brings a closeness of emotional security. It's important that you allow Capricorn to handle the finances. This is a relationship of true intimacy; one where dreams really do come true!

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