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Pisces & Leo

Pisces Leo

 Pisces Compatibility with Leo

Water and fire, just don't extinguish the flames. Two very kind signs with huge hearts, you would think this union would be perfect, and it is in some ways. The problems arise in the different ways you express yourselves and in the communication between you. Neither of you are major savers, but you certainly don't share the same attitude about finances either. Leo loves to spend, spend, spend and you think you should give every single thing you own away to others... give it all to your Leo and life will be great. Also, Leo loves to do everything in a large way, they are showy and dramatic, but you are more reserved and quiet. Your Lion definitely dominates this relationship, so to keep it going, you'll have to be the one to embrace the more colorful and opulent lifestyle befitting a King. Romance is very strongly indicated in this relationship, so enjoy!

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