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Pisces & Libra

Pisces Libra

 Pisces Compatibility with Libra

Water and air, geysers and Old Faithful. This combination of Neptune, God of the Sea, and Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty is mysterious and charming, but you are much too introverted and Libra is much too social to be comfortable sharing your lives together. While this union has all the love, sweetness and faithfulness necessary to create a love everlasting, it will take a great effort from you to make it work. If you can convince Libra to stop and slow down a little, and appreciate a simpler life without all having to buy all those pretty shiny things, plus convince them to stay home with you every so often, you can make it work. Honestly though, do you really think a Libra can live that way and be happy? Imagine having to keep up with their speed, imagine spoiling yourself silly with lots of expensive things including vacations, and imagine if you had to attend the most prestigious social events, lavish parties and only dine at the best restaurants every night... you'd be about as happy in Libra's world as they'd be in yours (and that's not so happy). But, since there are aspects of this union that are wonderful, it's worth trying, because in many ways this is a perfect relationship.

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