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Sagittarius & Virgo

Sagittarius Virgo

 Sagittarius Compatibility with Virgo

Earth can suffocate fire. Virgo is structured and responsible; you are fun. Both of you are natural healers. You have strength in the areas Virgo doesn't, and they are strong in areas you find challenging. In business, you'll easily meet with success, but love will require your patience. Virgo will want a commitment from you and will expect you to give up a lot of your independence. Also, your financial attitudes differ quite a bit, and although you each share the same goals, it's Virgo who has the frugality and the stability to reach them; you like to spend and enjoy your money. You provide the optimism necessary to keep this union happy, and if you're willing to give up your independent ways, this relationship will go far, and it can be a delightful combination.

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