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Scorpio & Cancer

Scorpio Cancer

 Scorpio Compatibility with Cancer

This water and water combination is perfection. You and your Cancer are so much alike, and you both may be intuitive with those outside your relationship, but in this partnership, and without words, you can easily understand every feeling, thought and emotion of your lover. You are both happiest in your home, and it will surely be very comfortable with your Cancer, as they will work hard to create a relaxing sanctuary for you. Each sign struggles with deep emotional feelings, and while Cancer's struggles in that area are less intense than yours, they are the most understanding sign for Scorpio in all the zodiac. Cancer is also highly empathic and will help you to find your way out of the darkness when those kinds of moods take you over. This sweet and intense combination is highly passionate and understanding; a real life fairy tale with a very happy ever after.

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