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Scorpio & Leo

Scorpio Leo

 Scorpio Compatibility with Leo

Water and fire, Scorpion and Lion, oh my! This relationship starts off very passionate and exciting and will be great for how ever long it may last. Both of you like the role of leader, but as Astrological Royalty, Leo will feel entitled to sit upon The Throne; however you can be quite stubborn and unless one of you concede, power struggles will ensue. You both have that fight-to-the-death attitude, a strong competitive nature, and both of you will do what you must to win; so your arguments will be intense. You both love high drama and work hard to create situations and circumstances to have it in your life. Look at your past relationships and you will discover that you have even chosen your mates based on the amount of emotional drama they can give you. If you want this relationship to last a long time, you will have to be the one to accept a more submissive role, and that's difficult for you Scorpio, as you feel more secure when you are the one in control.

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