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Scorpio & Libra

Scorpio Libra

 Scorpio Compatibility with Libra

Water and air, difficult because the Goddess may fear the Scorpion, but beautiful Venus paired with Mars the warrior, is proof that opposites attract. This will be the relationship of all-or-nothing and there will rarely be a middle road, although your Libra would prefer to travel down the middle road. Yours is the dominant personality and you dictate the course of this union, but that's just fine with agreeable Libra. As the leader, be prepared to be the decision-maker as your Libra has quite a bit of difficulty in that area. You'll discover that you're strong in every way that Libra is challenged, and your Libra shines in the areas you struggle with. You will find this partnership is very exciting and passionate. Refined and diplomatic Libra will always consider your feelings, even though your strong personality may have them feeling threatened or afraid. This union works for close friendships and short flings, but in the long term, Libra won't understand your pessimism, nor the deep emotional darkness you sometimes find yourself lost in. The Goddess is flirtatious and that won't sit well with your possessive nature. It will be difficult for you to keep your Libra long term, as they tend to avoid confrontation and drama; they are most likely to run away rather than fight.

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