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Scorpio & Virgo

Scorpio Virgo

 Scorpio Compatibility with Virgo

Water and earth, just a little muddy. This is not an easy relationship, but it is one with a great chance of success. You both crave stability and understand feelings of insecurity. Virgo's criticisms may be difficult for you to deal with, and hopefully they will learn to think about that before speaking. As far as your jealous nature goes though, Virgo will be flattered and absolutely smitten with that aspect of your personality. Unlike most other signs in the zodiac, Virgo will consider your over-the-top possessiveness to be proof of love and won't mind your claws in them at all times. You are the dominant leader and a Virgo in love is a faithful mate. Put on your rain boots, because this relationship is worth walking through a little mud.

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