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Virgo & Gemini

Virgo Gemini

 Virgo Compatibility with Gemini

Earth and air, and pulling your hair. You're are going to be charmed by your adolescent Gemini, and you will love their playful nature, but living with your head in the clouds is not your goal. You prefer order in the home, and in all areas of your life. Gemini loves to topic-jump during conversations, and this will drive you a bit crazy because these adorable chatterboxes never stop speaking. You are more domestic and prefer a comfortable home, whereas Gemini loves being on the move, traveling and attending parties. While you are the dominant sign in this union, Gemini will still stubbornly cling to their independence and will require some personal space. This union can work if one (or both), of you is willing to accept each others' differences without losing your sanity, or compromising your core values and desires.

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