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Virgo & Libra

Virgo Libra

 Virgo Compatibility with Libra

Earth and air, love with a playful Goddess, and surprisingly this works! Less work and more play is Libra's motto. Theirs is not the sign of the hard-worker, but rather the sign of enjoying the fruits of harvest. What this means for you is that you'll have to relax more and attend social gatherings, artsy parties and not mind spending money, lots of it. Well, you don't mind being in charge of the finances, and with a Libra as your partner, you would be wise to do so. Libra loves both giving and receiving beautiful, expensive things and going to exotic places. This Goddess is the Social Butterfly of the zodiac, so get used to having a lot of others around you, both family and friends. You're super responsible, but your Libra prefers a life of fun and frolic, and considers it essential to be admired and pampered, and surprisingly, this works!

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